Participants Database

Photo EUROCAROTEN role First name Last name Country Institution WG option 1 WG option 2sort descending
Management Committee Bente Kirkhus Norway Nofima AS WG2 WG3
WG Participant Katkam Gangadhar Portugal CCMAR, University of Algarve WG3 WG3
Management Committee Jaap Keijer Netherlands Wageningen University WG3 WG3
Management Committee Rayleen Gross United States 25 WG1 WG3
WG Participant Maria Jesus Periago SPAIN MURCIA UNIVERSTY WG2 WG3
WG Participant Gisel Holt United States 96 WG2 WG3
Management Committee Substitute Liisa Nohynek Finland VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd WG4 WG3
Management Committee Logan Harris United States 66 WG3 WG3
Management Committee Substitute Yarel Fitzpatrick United States 81 WG3 WG3
Management Committee Substitute Elma Castro United States 70 WG2 WG3


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