Despite the diverse carotenoids presently known (> 700), only a few (< 20) have or are being studied in depth. Therefore, there is intense interest and great potential for the discovery of “new” carotenoids and sources, both for the agro-food industry and to promote health.


However, research on carotenoids is challenging, as they are lipophilic, hard to extract and easily oxidized. Due to this and the lack of dialogue within and across fields as well as of harmonized protocols, it is common to find inaccurate determinations, controversies and the dissemination of misleading information.


These key problems need to be addressed. Gathering and articulating a critical mass of European carotenoids researchers and other actors to promote the co-operative use of infrastructures, synergistic transversal interactions and the sharing, generation, application and communication of knowledge is essential to overcome them and to generate new knowledge that can be translated into socioeconomic benefits.


In this sense, the main goal of this COST Action is to implement a network for the advancement of carotenoids research and applications in agro-food and health. 

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