Paper Invitation: [Foods- IF = 3.011] Special Issue “Natural Carotenoids as Functional Food Ingredients”

Dear Colleagues,


As the Guest Editors of a Special Issue of Foods, we expect to gather interdisciplinary research about carotenoids/apocarotenoids, highlighting the potential for novel applications in foods. In particular, we encourage the submission of manuscripts on new sustainable sources and/or technologies of carotenoid production and stabilization, development of up-to-date analytical methods for identification and quantification in raw and processed foods, human uptake processes (bioacessibility/bioavailability), and mechanistic pathways of health-promoting effects. The design and application of effective delivery systems into the food matrix (novel emulsions/nanoemulsions, coated particles) are also welcome.


*Journal*: Foods (ISSN 2304-8158; IF 3.011)

*Special Issue*: Natural Carotenoids as Functional Food Ingredients

*Guest Editor*: Dr. Mantzouridou Fani, Dr. Stella Ordoudi

*Submission deadline*: 1 October 2020



We believe your research interests are aligned with this Special Issue and therefore hope you will consider making a contribution. Once the Special Issue is closed, we will share it with relevant scholars to promote all contributions. Foods ( is an Open Access journal with high visibility; also we will do free English editing after the acceptance of your paper. The Article Processing Charges (APC) are 1600 CHF (Swiss Francs) per accepted paper, but we can apply a discound for you. 


If you wish to check the suitability of your manuscript for this Issue prior to submission, you are welcome to send an abstract to the editorial office (Ms. Savannah Yang: and you will receive feedback shortly.


We look forward to receiving your manuscript(s).


Kind regards,


Dr. Mantzouridou Fani, Associate Professor

Dr. Stella Ordoudi

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki 54124, Greece

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