Participants Database

Photo EUROCAROTEN role First name Last name Countrysort ascending Institution WG option 1 WG option 2
WG Participant Rachel Moran Waterford Waterford Institute of Technology WG3 WG1
WG Participant Abdulkerim EROGLU United States of America Johns Hopkins University WG3 WG4
Management Committee Substitute Susan Frank United States 56 WG1 WG3
Management Committee Substitute Heidi Robinson United States 23 WG1 WG1
Management Committee Substitute Flossie Levine United States 42 WG1 WG2
WG Participant Dara Cain United States 68 WG3 WG1
Management Committee Cecillia Grant United States 10 WG4 WG4
Management Committee Substitute Luz Diaz United States 73 WG4 WG3
Management Committee Shirley Black United States 93 WG2 WG1
WG Participant Alondra Keller United States 48 WG1 WG3


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