Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, characterized by superb climate and constant sunshine throughout the year. It is considered as a modern European country with appreciable ancient enchantment. The island’s secure (crime free) environment along with the spectacular scenery of turquoise seas, or pine clad mountains, the long history and rich culture provide a perfect formula for an experience everyone will remember. Apart from its key location amongst three continents, Cyprus is characterized by its fully mature hospitality industry, coupled with sophisticated communication facilities, extensive highway system and airline.



  • Airports: Cyprus has two airports: Larnaca International Airport (LCA) and Paphos International Airport (PFO). Both airports are about 60 km away from Lemesos. Around 30 airlines connect Cyprus directly with most European and Middle-East countries, which provide ongoing services to anywhere in the world;
  • Greek is the mother tongue (official language), while English is widely spoken;
  • Coastline: 648 km;
  • Population: ca. 800.00;
  • Capital: Nicosia;
  • Cyprus is a full member of the European Community and the currency of the Republic of Cyprus is €;
  • The voltage is 240 Socket outlets are of flat 3 pin-type;
  • Telephone code: (+357).

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